How it works

Advertise on your car and Use That Space

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How it Works


•You register your basic details on our website.  This can be done either via our simple registration form, or through Facebook or Twitter.
•You may then apply for your car to be advertised on.  You can do this by clicking on the “My UTS” button on the menu bar.


•In order to proceed to this stage, you must have completed all compulsorary parts of the form, and be in compliance with our terms and conditions.
•You will automatically recieve a confirmation email once you have registered.  Please ensure that emails from are not sent to your spam folder.
•We will also send you a welcome pack, confirming the information you have provided to us.


•We are bringing new advertising partners onboard all the time, and are constantly re-evaluating our registered drivers.  If you match the needs of one of our advertisers, and are chosen for a campaign we will get in touch with you directly with additional details.
•You will be offered a contract based on the needs of our advertisers, and asked to choose whether or not you accept our terms.
•Please note that contract terms, payments, and periods will vary from campaign to campaign.


•We will organise a date with you for having the advertising applied to your car.  You will be asked to travel to one of the garages in our national network in order for this to be done professionally.
•You will also recieve a pack containing information about the company which you are advertising.  As a brand ambassedor, you will be expected to have basic knowledge not only about us, but the company which you are promoting.  This may include some flyers which the company will ask you to give to people who ask about the advert.
•You continue to drive around and park as normal
•At the end of each month you get paid!

What Happens Next

•At the end of the campaign, we will contact you again and ask you for some feedback
•We will arrange a date with you to have the wrap removed
•Depending on your contract you may be eligable for a bonus payment
•You will remain in our database for future campaigns.  You must write to us directly if you wish to remove yourself from this database.