Get paid to drive

Apply here for ads to be placed on your car (its free!) and you could earn £200/month!


Vehicle advertising and vinyl wraps

Vehicle graphics are a modern and impactful way to advertise any companies product or brand, which means you can get paid to drive your car as you already do every day.  Use That Space works with a number of experienced and professional vehicle graphics companies in order to produce the best possible adverts for your car, which can then be removed cleanly without residue.  So long as your car is cleaned before application, has never been resprayed incorrectly, or has not been filled in, adverts can be removed without trace.  If your car has been resprayed or filled before the vinyl ads for your car are applied, you will need to contact us so that we can check the paint work and lacquer will not be affected by our adhesives.

Use That Space offers you a simple way to get paid to drive, with quick and free online registration.  Every part of the advertising process is managed by us.  No setup fee.  We pay you to drive monthly with no initial outlay or hidden costs.  Once you apply online we will send you a free welcome pack, detailing your application to place ads on your car.  You can find out more about placing adverts on your car on our how it works page.

Advertising on your car is the best way to reclaim your fuel costs, and get paid to drive.  We all hate how expensive it is to fill the tank these days, which is why we created Use That Space – to help you.  A number of recent surveys by Use That Space have shown that a large proportion of people would like to earn money by carrying advertising, using the space on their car to earn money by advertising on their car, and getting paid for wrap my car advertising using stunning vinyl graphics.

 How do I get paid to drive?

Register today online for free.  Registration is quick and simple, and best of all free.  Don’t forget to login and fill out our vehicle advertising application once you have created an account!

Benefits of getting ads on your car

  •  Get paid every month – We will pay you to drive with a fixed amount at the end of every month
  • Free registration  – Registering to get ads on your car is free and quick, click here to get paid to drive with vehicle wraps on your car.
  • High quality adverts for your car - Use That Space works with a number of experienced and high profile vehicle graphics suppliers to use high quality graphics for the ads on your car.
  • Range of companies  – Use That Space works with a number of different companies who require a whole range of ads on your car, varying colours coverages and designs.  One thing is certain though, Use That Space will pay you a great rate for putting ads on your car!
  •  Get paid to drive - For placing ads on your car with Use That Space today, registration is quick, free, and simple with every make and model of car accepted.