Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I need to apply?

  • A full UK driver’s license
  • A car with valid insurance, MOT, road tax
  • No convictions for drunk driving, death by dangerous driving or manslaughter


Does it cost me anything to apply?

Absolutely nothing.  Registration is totally free, and it will only take you a few minutes, so register today! Once you have registered you can then apply to have your car advertised on


How much money can I earn?

While the figure will vary from contract to contract, we offer our drivers up to £200 per month to place adverts on their car!


How/When do I get paid?

We will pay you at the end of each month in arrears. For campaigns of at least three months, part of your payment will take the form of a bonus paid at the end of the campaign


What affect’s whether I get chosen to advertise?

When a company chooses to advertise with us, they will choose the type of cars and the type of people they want advertising for them. This will allow us to find the best match between advertiser and driver. The factors that advertisers are interested in may include

  • What car you drive, including its model, colour and age
  • How many miles you drive
  • Where you drive
  • Where the car is parked

In general, you are more likely to be chosen for a campaign, and also stand to earn more money if

  • You have a relatively new car in good condition. Advertising on these cars sends out a very positive message about the company that is advertising on them.
  • You drive often. The further you drive the more people will see the advert on your car
  • You park the car in a prominent location. Even while you are not driving your car, people will still see that advert if it is parked in a busy area.


How long will I have to advertise for?

An advertising campaign can last from anywhere between one month and one year


Do I have any choice in what I advertise?

While we do not currently offer the ability to choose what you would prefer to advertise, you have the right to refuse any offer we give to you without affecting your chance of being selected in future campaigns

We will not ask you to advertise anything sensitive such as tobacco or condoms


What are my obligations as a driver?

When a company advertises with us, they want to be sure that their adverts are having the desired effect. As such, we require our drivers to adhere to some easy to follow rules:

  • You must drive safely and adhere to all traffic laws at all times>
  • You have to clean the car at least one every fortnight
  • You need to have a basic knowledge of the company you are advertising for and be willing to talk to people who ask about them. When you are selected for a campaign, we will send you a media pack with some basic information about the company you are advertising for. You will be expected to read this.
  • Drive as you outlined when you registered with us (similar mileage, routes etc.) or tell us if your driving pattern is changing for any reason.

It is important that you follow these rules when taking part in a campaign with us. If you do not we may refuse your monthly payment, and you could forfeit any end of campaign bonus.

Obligations will be made clear to you when we make you an offer to place adverts on your car.


Will the advert damage my car?

A correctly applied vehicle wrap shouldn’t do any damage to your car. In fact, a wrap will protect your vehicle from chips and abrasions. It will also protect it from the Sun’s UV rays which would otherwise damage your paintwork

However, we cannot guarantee that no damage will be done to the car. We will make clear the risks to your car when entering into a contract


Do I need to tell my insurer?

You will need to inform your insurer before you get your vehicle wrapped, or else you could invalidate your policy. However, a wrap is unlikely to change the price of your policy

Since a vehicle wrap is a temporary change, the DVLA have ruled that you do not need to inform them.


What happens if I have an accident/damage my car?
In the event that you are involved in an accident or sustain any visible damage to your vehicle, you must notify us within three days.


What if I have a company car?
We have no problem with registering company cars on our database. However, it is important that you check with your employer before doing so. Similarly, if you plan to add a rented car to our database, be sure to get permission from the leaser.


What if I have a fleet of cars?

We are interested in registering fleets of cars, since this can be an appealing option for advertisers. Contact us for details.


Is the money I get paid taxable?

Yes, the income you are paid for placing adverts on your car is taxable, it will be your responsibility to declare this.


I can’t find my question here

Take a look at our how it works guide.  Alternatively, we would be happy to answer your question directly.  You can contact us here.