Advertise on your car

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Ever thought about putting advertisements on your car but not sure how much you would get paid to advertise on your car?  Wrap my car advertising is a great way to get paid to drive even while your stuck in traffic.  Use That Space allows you to get paid to have your car wrapped, or have adverts on any other part of your car, including ads on wheels, van wrap advertising and an other types of ads on your car.

How do I get paid car advertisement?

So you’re asking yourself, how do I advertise on my car for money in 2012 in the UK?  Well the best news of all is your already on the right website.  Use That Space allows your to register for free .  Source (

Who are Use That Space?

Use That Space is an exciting new offering allowing you to advertise on your car for free, and get paid to drive.  Use That Space utilises stunning vinyl car graphics and vehicle wrap advertising allowing you to get paid to drive your own personal vehicle.  Vehicle advertising works much the same way as any other form of mobile advertising, or for that matter, outdoor advertising.  The bonus of advertising on your car is that its new, exciting, and it really turns heads.

Vehicle wrap advertising to get paid isn’t the only thing on offer here though.  Vinyl advertising, partial wrap advertising, and logo advertising are all offered by Use That Space, not only allowing companies to drive home the message, but allow you to get paid to drive your car.

How do i advertise on my car and get paid?

If your asking yourself how much can you make advertising on your car, is it legal to advertise on your car, how do you get companies to advertise on your car, how much do you get paid to advertise on your car, how much can i make from advertising on my car, how much can i get paid for advertising on my car, or anything similar you should check out our faq and how it works pages.

On vehicle advertising is not just a great way to get paid to drive, advertising with car or advertising with your car is a brilliant way for companies to drive home the message.  Advertising on your car can reap great rewards for drivers and companies alike, with vinyl car wraps often seen as the most effective form of outdoor advertising available today.

Advertising for a car is the most cost effective and impactful way to drive home a companies message.  If you are a driver or owner of a car, you can get money for ads with advertising by car in the UK in 2012.


Advertise on your car

Applying to advertise on your car with Use That Space really couldn’t be any easier – its free and fast and we accept and make or model of vehicle. Drivers age and experience is not important for placing ads on your car, and we take all of the work out of finding somebody who wants to pay you to advertise on your car. Advertise on your car today.