Earn money for advertising on your car!


With the cost of motoring rising ever faster, it is becoming harder and harder for motorists to afford the daily running of their cars. If only there was a way to claw back some of the cost of driving your car. Well now there is.

All that time spent driving from A to B, sitting in traffic, travelling down another stretch of bland motorway. Don’t you wish you could be doing something useful with the time you spend in your car? Well now you can.

Your car is a prime advertising spot

Use That Space could give you money just for driving like you do normally.  Just like a billboard, the local newspaper, or a TV; your car is a prime advertising spot. In return for letting well-known brands advertise on your car, we could pay you up to £200 a month!

Got a question?  You will probably find your answer in our FAQ, or on our how it works page.  If you cant spot what your looking for however, please feel free to get in touch.

So how about it, sound exciting?  What are you waiting for:  Register now and Use That Space!

If you want to know more about car advertising in general, and why it is such an exciting and attractive medium for advertisers, check out our blog